Image of Hanging Donkey

Hanging Donkey


24" x 30", Acrylic on Paper, $500

Image of Skating Rink

Skating Rink

Image of Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods

Image of Snow Birds

Snow Birds

Image of Deer at Rest

Deer at Rest

Image of Exploring


Image of Cows/Clouds/Puddles & Pies (Earth Series-Summer)

Cows/Clouds/Puddles & Pie...

Image of Apple Seed Tree (Earth Series-Fall)

Apple Seed Tree (Earth Se...

Image of Winter Roots (Earth Series-Winter)

Winter Roots (Earth Serie...

Image of Sprouting (Earth Series-Spring)

Sprouting (Earth Series-S...

Image of Fire Eye (Fire Series-Summer)

Fire Eye (Fire Series-Sum...

Image of Boiling Point/Soup Pot (Fire Series-Fall)

Boiling Point/Soup Pot (F...

Image of Campfire Popcorn/Snow (Fire Series-Winter)

Campfire Popcorn/Snow (Fi...

Image of Aurora Borealis (Fire Series-Spring)

Aurora Borealis (Fire Ser...

Image of Grouse Mating Sound (Air Series-Summer)

Grouse Mating Sound (Air ...

Image of Crystallization (Air Series-Winter)

Crystallization (Air Seri...

Image of Scent of Spring (Air Series-Spring)

Scent of Spring (Air Seri...

Image of Atmospheric Pressure (Air Exercise)

Atmospheric Pressure (Air...

Image of Hot Crossed Buns (Fire Exercise)

Hot Crossed Buns (Fire Ex...

Image of Fern/Snail (Earth exercise)

Fern/Snail (Earth exercise)

Image of Model/Think Room

Model/Think Room

Image of Green Door

Green Door

Image of Tuscan Window

Tuscan Window

Image of Playroom Window Monticello

Playroom Window Monticello

Image of Walnuts, Figs Apples

Walnuts, Figs Apples

$800.00 | Sold Out
Image of Waterlillies with Asters and Grasses

Waterlillies with Asters ...

Image of Waterlillies with Turtles & Touch-Me-Nots

Waterlillies with Turtles...

Image of Fish Stand

Fish Stand

Image of Urban Moto

Urban Moto

Image of Hillside Garden

Hillside Garden

Image of Cafe L'Imparfait

Cafe L'Imparfait

Image of Flower Stand

Flower Stand

Image of Greenhouse #7

Greenhouse #7

Image of Pathway


Image of Grasses with Dragonflies

Grasses with Dragonflies

Image of Muskrats


Image of Bird Bath

Bird Bath

Image of New Territory

New Territory

Image of Bush Lake

Bush Lake

Image of Waterlilly Buds and Ripples

Waterlilly Buds and Ripples

Image of Unfurling/Underbelly


Image of Trout Hatchery

Trout Hatchery

Image of Trumpet Vine with Hummingbird

Trumpet Vine with Humming...

Image of Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates

Image of Pool People

Pool People

Image of Still Waters

Still Waters

Image of Happy Trails to You

Happy Trails to You

Image of Floating


Image of Migration


Image of Horseplay


Image of Moondance


Image of Waterlillies White

Waterlillies White

$2,200.00 | Sold Out
Image of Cooped Chickens

Cooped Chickens

$960.00 | Sold Out

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